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Deane Park Bowls Club was originally an indoor short mat bowls club based in Deane Park Hall, South Ruislip. In 1979 the decision was taken to form an outdoor bowls club and use the green situated in Bessingby Park, Ruislip Manor.

We are delighted that, thanks to the London Borough of Hillingdon, we had a much needed, new clubhouse, for the start of our 2015 season.

We pride ourselves on being a very inclusive and friendly club, all are welcome from absolute beginners, improvers to experienced bowlers. For beginners all you need is a pair of flat soled shoes (no heel), there will be a set of bowls for you to use and plenty of help to get you started. Bowls is an excellent game for gentle exercise, out in the fresh air, amongst friendly and companionable people.

Come along and give us a try.

Our Roll-Ups

We have informal Roll-Ups every Monday evening from 5:45pm. and every Wednesday and Friday afternoon from 2:00pm during the season, which runs from the last week in April through to the end of September.

We ask all members wishing to play in the Roll-Ups to be at the green for 2:00pm. for afternoons and 5:45pm. for evenings, to help in setting-up the greens and also to give the Captain time to sort teams for the session's play.

We play 18 ends with a break at 9 ends for a welcome cup of tea or coffee.

Inter-club Matches

Many of our members also play for the Club in our fixtures throughout the season, with matches played around the various clubs in the Hillingdon/Harrow area. However, there is no obligation to play in the matches, both home and away, but we hope that you will.

You can find out about our fixtures and our results by clicking the buttons at the top of this page.

Deane Park Bowls Club Membership

Full details of how to join are on our Membership page. Just click the button:

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17th October - Deane Park A.G.M.

The date for this year's AGM will be: MONDAY 17th OCTOBER 2016 at 2.00 p.m. in the Clubhouse.

As part of the AGM process we elect our Officers for the following season. There will be a Nominations sheet on the notice board in the clubhouse.- Carol


Latest News....

24th September - Away to West Harrow

Our last match of the season was with West Harrow. Unfortunately although the first half we were doing very well we fell behind after tea.

It's quite a funny feeling at the end of a season (we do have another week for roll ups) that it becomes quite sad, but fortunately for us we have a week in Dorset and loads of social events to keep us happy throughout the winter. On behalf of John Huggett and myself could I please thank everyone at Deane Park for their support this season and looking forward to next year when our newbies will be out there helping us to reach even more success for 2017.

So keep safe this winter, have a great Xmas and New Year and look forward to bowling with you next year. - Janet

19th September - Whist Afternoon

The September winners of our whist were Ron Spark & Ros Holland who both won a bottle of wine and the could do better prize of the usual Mars Bar were George Holland & Di Cahalarne. - Ray

18th September - Away to Bessingby

This season has been a roller coaster. The fantastic highs and the crappy low. But nothing has got to be better than this afternoon when we beat our oldest rivals Bessingby for the Jubilee Cup. It has actually been at least 8 years since we won. They needed to win on all five rinks but only managed three.

I cannot tell you how proud I was of our bowlers. We were without at least 6 of our strongest players, for one reason or another, but the sheer determination of our teams to ensure the cup came home was without doubt awe inspiring. So from a slightly tipsy Vice-Captain many thanks for a wonderful afternoon. - Janet

16th September - Home to Hazells

Although the weather in our Annual Charity game against HAZELLS our good friends from Aylesbury, started rather dismally, it improved considerably and with some of the players even having problems with the sun, we easily completed the 18 ends on each rink.

All the games were closely fought with some of the results in doubt until the last woods bowled. In the end Deane Park won the match by eleven shots, our first victory against HAZELLS for many years.

Our highest winning team on rink six were Peter Thompson, Jenny Baker and Len Glynn and with a close finish on rink one when Roy Birchley, Rose Thompson and Rita Glynn gained three shots on the last end to win their rink by two shots.

However the outstanding performance would have to be on rink four when the DP team of Sue Snook, Chris Keighly and Lesley Hall were trailing by twelve shots with four ends to go. In the last four ends they won the necessary thirteen shots to take the game by one shot on the final end. A brilliant comeback.

After the impressive show on the greens the real fun started and we were all treated to a wonderful feast prepared by the DP Angels and drinks from our bar. Money taken for the spider, an auction and collections for members misdemeanours, denounced by our Fines Master meant that our charity this year - a hospice in Aylesbury - will receive a further £110 from yesterdays events.

A fantastic day with the continuing friendship between the clubs, a day full of fun and laughter and an excellent album of pictures taken by our webmaster Stuart meant we all enjoyed and have wonderful memories of this very special occasion.

Just over 150 photos from the match are on the photos page. - George

12th September - Home to Eastcote Ladies

Revenge comes sweet when served cold (or something like that). Today we played Eastcote ladies, a formidable team, but today Deane Park ladies were outstanding, winning both rinks. Early in the season we lost badly but today under skips, Rita Glynn and Joy Price, we were triumphant.

Many thanks to our new bowler Sue Snook for stepping in again. Nearly the end of the season now. But we have three matches left and we hope we will continue with our success and finish the season on a high. - Janet

7th September - Vets. Presentation

On a glorious sunny day at Lupton Bowls Club, Deane Park were presented with a trophy for winning the third division of the Veterans league.

Deane Park members in attendance were: Len and Rita Glynn, Keith Troke, George and Ros Holland. The full size photo is on the photos page. - George

30th August - Away to Pinner

It was not such a good day for our bowlers today losing 3 rinks out of 4 to Pinner. After having such a good run it comes as a bit of a shock when one of our rinks went down 31 to 9. The other three were quite close but overall it's was 61 to Pinner's 88.

I know I always say the same thing but the score never reflects the game. There is nearly always an end that denotes the outcome. That is when your opponents get a high score on one end and then you find yourself on the back foot and it takes a few ends to claw back. That's when your skip comes into his own by keeping the morale of his team up and it can be so amazing when the score becomes more equal and you think a win could become reality. It obviously doesn't always happen but at least you leave the green feeling you have done your best. (Like being back at school when your teacher gives you praise - come on now even my memory remembers some good bits).

Only five more games before the end of the season so hopefully we will go out on a high. - Janet

27th August - Home to The Mill

Today we took on The Mill. Although we went down 3 rinks out of 4 our teams played very well. I played alongside Joy Price and Terry Maber. It was such a close game and up till the last end there was only 1 point between us. Two of the opposition play for the County and the other had 30 years experience so we gave them a run for their money.

The Mill are a great club and I think all our players did a brilliant job in keeping the score to a reasonable end.

Unfortunately, Eastcote have cancelled our match tomorrow as their fixture secretary is obviously not as good as ours and they could not get a team together. So we will be having a roll up complete with sandwiches and cake. We know how to look after our members. - Janet

22nd August - Away to Eastcote B (Vets)

WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS ! Yes anything our magnificent Olympians can can DEANE PARK BOWLS CLUB Yippee ! With splendid wins on all three rinks against our local team EASTCOTE, we captured all five points in this our last VETS game of the season.

Our highest scoring rink, with a sixteen shot victory were Terry Maber, John Gibson and John Huggett. Although we know the competition will be much stiffer next season, we are delighted to get promotion and look forward to playing in the top division.

Congratulations to all members who have played their part in our clubs success.


22nd August - Home to West Harrow Ladies

We are having such a good time at Deane Park. Today another great win against West Harrow Ladies with one brilliant win and a draw on the other rink. The whole club is in ecstasy with our Vets teams. We are on such a roll at the moment. One of the great things about DP at this time is that we had 3 teams at the vets, two teams at Ladies match and we still managed to have 2 rinks at the roll up tonight. We are riding on the crest of a wave. - Janet

17th August - Bowlers go to Brighton

Ray Snook, head of our social committee, organised a trip down to Brighton to visit Preston Park Bowls Club. What a success'''

Firstly we had a magnificent breakfast in the club and then we were taken by coach down to the seafront. It was completely up to all the members what they wanted to do. Bowlers were picked up by coach at 1.30 and taken back to the club house but anyone who just wanted to be by the sea stayed until 5 when the coach came back for them.

Not having been to Brighton for many years I was amazed how much it had changed. But there again, all wonderful memories from my childhood came flooding back. Some of us visited the Royal Pavilion, others did the Lanes and we all went on the pier for an ice cream. I believe Lesley even had a paddle.

Our diehard bowlers had a great afternoon and had "It's a knockout" competition, which had a final between Len and George but Len was the victor. George then had a few drinks aided and abetted by Ray and both fell on the coach in time to go home. So in the words of that age-old song "oh we do like to be beside the seaside, we do like to be beside the sea".

Wonderful weather, wonderful day and many thanks to Ray for organising it. - Janet

(Some photographs are on the "photos" page.)

15th August - Whist Afternoon

The August Whist was won by Carol Spark and Lesley Hall and the could do better prize went to Linda Connors and Ray Snook. - Ray

14th August - Away to Bessingby

The third round of this seasons Jubilee cup against our good friends and neighbours Bessingby was played again today in the usual good sporting, good fun and good spirit by two teams clearly intent upon enjoying the occasion on a glorious summer afternoon. DP eventually won the match by three rinks to two and therefore by the points score 4-2.

We were pleased to have some new match players in our team today and would like to give a warm welcome to Sue Snook and Chris Keighly who both had competent games. May you both have many more matches for Deane Park.

Our highest scoring team on rink 2 were Janet Gibson, Terry Maber and Len Glynn. It was a real pleasure at the end of the day to see most of the players and spectators having a drink together on the patio where some of the conversation included the really delicious cakes supplied by Kathy Clark. - George

13th August - Away to Harefield (C&T)

On a glorious afternoon on excellent greens DEANE PARK were the first team to inflict defeat upon C&T league champions HAREFIELD. With terrific victories by DP on two of the three C&T rinks we won the match by eight league points against two.

Following their incredible game earlier in the week against HARROW the DP team of Joy Price, Terry Maber and captain John Huggett gave us another fantastic performance winning by twenty shots on Rink 1. With all my fingers, toes (and everything else crossed) I take a risk by announcing that up to now DEANE PARK BOWLS CLUB are so far unbeaten in August.

Long may this success continue. Tomorrow we play our third game against good neighbours BESSINGBY in the Jubilee Cup and all spectators and supporters are very welcome. - George

10th August - Away to Harrow

Our season is just getting better and better. I'm not sure my old ticker can take all this excitement. We met Harrow for a C&T league match this evening and as you experienced bowlers know they are a very good side.

Well according to my on the spot reporter, Terry Maber, he reckons he saw the 'shot of the season'. Harrow were holding 4. Huggy lines up his shot. He fires his wood down the rink. (I am building up the excitement). His wood makes contact with the jack and sends it 18 ins from the gully. (Are you holding your breath?) His wood stops just 20ins from the gully and Deane Park wins the end by one point. (Olympic Gold moment).

What a Captain and congratulations to all who took part. - Janet

8th August - Home to Northwood Ladies

The Boudiceas of Bowling (our Rita Glynn and Rose Langston) led to two teams to victory on Monday evening against the formidable Northwood Ladies. With Rita's team storming to victory with 23 points to 14 (one end they actually scored 7). Rose's team although going down with 14 to Northwood 18 does not actually reflect the excellent steady battle they fought.

Overall score Deane Park 37 Northwood 32. Ladies you did us proud. - Janet

6th August - Away to Cowley

Happy days in Deane Park - having some great results in friendlies as well as the serious games. We played Cowley today at their ground. We were unable to play them early in the season as their ground was under repair but their pavilion is now complete and we had a great day.

When I am typing up the scores it's such a pity we cannot do videos, as rink 5 started pretty bad but even though the opposition was really good, they clawed their way back to just a 3 point loss. As my mum always said, "the match ain't over, till the fat lady sings". - Janet

3rd August - Home to Stanmore (Vets)

An excellent 25 shot victory for DP VETS in our home game today against STANMORE enabled us to take the match by 4 points to 1 overall. With a close game on rink one and comfortable victories on rinks 4 and 5 we have confirmed that this season is proving to be a very successful year in the VETS league.

Our records expert Ron Spark tells me that this latest win probably puts us on top of the league and a good result against EASTCOTE in our final VETS game could see us promoted for next season to a higher division. Well done team. - George

1st August - Home to Harrow B (Vets)

A record breaking victory today. In arguably the best DEANE PARK VETS performance of the season we beat our good friends from HARROW B by 38 shots and a five points to nil victory in the league.

In a good humoured game eight DP old boys and the Presidents wife Rita won comfortably on all three rinks with outstanding team performances. Among other notable events today were the six "Huggies" on rink 3, surely a record that will stay unbeaten for many a year - Mein Fuhrer fines meister Tony Hall will no doubt be delighted to hear the news when fines season comes along! Keep up these sterling efforts girls and boys. - George