Club Competitions - 2019

Deane Park Club Competitions

The competitions page, we hope, will assist everyone in managing play for the competitions, plus generating some interest and wishing to keep everyone informed of the progress of the internal competitions.

Your comments and ideas would be very welcome, please contact Carol Lathwell in the first instance.


Club Competition Entry Form

The draw for club competitions during 2019 is now complete and you can view the tables by clicking the "2019 Competitions" icon in the centre column.

Rules for Club Competitions

To read the rules for our 2019 club competitions, click HERE

Competition Tables

The 2019 championship tables are here.

The "challenger" is the top name on the draw sheet. Please contact your opponent/s to arrange a suitable date to play, if possible give three alternative dates.

The Competitions for 2019 - have now been drawn and you can follow the progress throughout the season by clicking the icon.

- Linda.

Previous Year's Final Tables

The final results table for 2018 competitions can be seen by clicking this button:

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Previous Championship Winners

You can see the Honours Boards for all our Championship and Cup winners for every year since 1979 by clicking HERE

Also, you can see a list of recent year's Cup Winners and Runners-up by clicking the appropriate year:

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