This week's quiz is an Easter Special

Mostly general Knowledge...

1. Considered the greatest playwright of all time, this English dramatist died on 23 April 1616? ? William Shakespeare

2. On the 1st April, Apple Computers was founded in California. In what year ? 1976

3. The writer of Jane Eyre was born in April 1816. What is her name ? Charlotte Bronte

4. 12 April 1941 was the birth date of an English footballer and captain during the team's finest achievement. Name him ? Bobby Moore

5. One of the great Hollywood actors, born in April 1916 and who starred in To Kill a Mockingbird ? Gregory Peck

6. An armed uprising against British rule happened in Dublin between 24 and 29 April and became known as The Easter Uprising. In what year did it take place ? 1916

7. In April 1956 Elvis Presley had his first number one in the USA with which record ? Heartbreak Hotel

8. In April 1946 which current warn torn country gained its independence from France ? Syria

9. In April 1956 this Hollywood actress famously married and became a Princess. What was her name ? - Grace Kelly

10. In April 1966 the author of The African Queen and the Horatio Hornblower novels died. What was his name ? C S Forester 11. What is the origin of April Fools Day ? Many theories but, the truth is, no one knows

12. Which fashion designer invented the mini skirt ? Mary Quant

13. Who invented denim jeans ? Levi Strauss

14. What beans are added to tomato sauce to make baked beans ? Haricot Beans

15. Distilled juniper berries are used to make which spirit ? Gin

16. What is the last day before the start of Lent ? Shrove Tuesday

17. What is the Sunday before Easter commonly known as ? Palm Sunday

18. A campanologist is a person who does what ? Bell ringing

19. What does a costermonger sell ? Fruit & Vegetables

20. "It's a good guess but it's not right" was often said on which show ? Catchphrase

21. Who succeeded Magnus Magnusson as the host of Mastermind ? John Humphreys

22. How many English classic horse races are there ? Five

23. Mark Spitz won 7 Olympic gold medals in which sport ? Swimming

24. In which English city would you find railway stations called : New Street, Moor Street and Snow Hill ? Birmingham

25. Liverpool Airport is named after which Beatle ? John Lennon

26. The funeral of which royal had the codename "Tay Bridge" ? The Queen Mother 27. Who is the first female in the line of succession to the British throne ? Princess Charlotte

28. A dog called Nipper appears on the logo of which company ? HMV

29. A fox terrier called Laika was the first dog to do what ? Go into space

30. Which composer appeared on the £20 note between 1999 and 2010 ? Sir Edward Elgar

31. In what year did the £1 coin replace the £1 note ? 1983

32. Who said "You are not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on" ? - Dean Martin