About Our Club

Deane Park Bowls Club was originally an indoor short-mat bowls club based in Deane Park Hall, South Ruislip.

In 1979 the decision was taken to form an outdoor bowls club and use the green situated in Bessingby Park, Ruislip Manor. The club has always been run for the enjoyment of all members.

We have roll-ups three times a week on Monday evenings from 4.45 p.m., Wednesdays and Fridays from 2.00 p.m. These sessions are enjoyed by all members and kept informal, with players at all skill levels mixing together to make up the afternoon's teams.

The roll-ups are a good opportunity for any new bowlers to learn from the more experienced members and to gain a knowledge and understanding of the rules of bowls, the "how and the why's" of the game. There is plenty of free advice both during the matches and during the tea-break.

We are sure that you will find us a very friendly club and all our members will welcome you.

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Finding Deane Park Bowls Club

The green is located within Bessingby Park, Ruislip Manor, HA4 9BU and the link below will show you where we are. We now have a small car park available for less able members next to the clubhouse, but there is free on-street parking in Bessingby Road, Whitby Road and Pavilion Way and then it is just a short walk to the green.

To see a detailed map of the area, click HERE

We have one outdoor green with six rinks and all the equipment you could wish for.

Beginner's Guide

The below website has a user-friendly guide to bowls, not just for beginners but as a refresher for existing bowlers. The website also includes useful information about bowls equipment, which you may find useful:  www.bowls.org.uk

Training video

Here is a short video which may help you deliver your bowls more accurately:

The game of Bowls

Bowls is played on a standard bowling green, which is a flat square approximately 34-40m in both directions. This is divided into six equal "lanes" called rinks.

The first bowler places the mat from which you bowl and rolls the jack (a smaller white ball) to the other end of the rink, as a target. The jack must travel at least 23m and, when it stops, it is moved to the centre-line of the rink.

The players then take turns to bowl. When all the bowls have been played, a competitor or team gets one point for each of their bowls that is closer to the jack than their opponent's closest bowl. Then the direction of play is reversed.

The the rules of playing Bowls

The rules of playing bowls in the UK are laid down by Bowls England.
You can download and read the latest edition of them from the Bowls England website by clicking HERE

Our charitable donations

Each year we help support a local charity and for 2024 our chosen charity is: Acorn Youth Club, which is an Eastcote based, registered charity for young people with learning difficulties.

Click the logo to visit their website.

Privacy Policy

We take data security very seriously. You can read our Privacy Statement by clicking HERE

The sport's governing bodies

The two main governing bodies of our sport for Club/National and International events are:
Bowls England and World Bowls
You can visit their respective websites by clicking the logos below: